It’s a fresh, new year.

Last year was a bit of a journey for me. I moved to California for a new job, leaving behind family, friends, and the best coffee in the country. It was a year of challenges, but also a year of rewards.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it was also a year of working in secret. In 2018, I’m ready to shed some light on my work. Over the coming days I’ll talk about more of my ongoing projects, but I wanted to start with something new.

The first big project of 2018: 52 Stories.

A new story every week of the year. Most of them are experimental micro-stories, or maybe story sketches. This project is my latest attempt to blend writing and design and to experiment with online storytelling. I’m not sure how successful this will be, but it will give me practice. It’s a chance to work on crafting sentences and to try out some wild ideas.

Here’s the first one.