State Film Lab Website

Custom-built ecommerce website for State Film Lab

State Film Lab’s mission is to give photographers freedom to shoot more film. They recruited me to build a new website that served that mission. Our goal was to build a clean, simple site that allows State to showcase beautiful work, and that enables the client to quickly and easily send in their film orders. Other film labs have either PDF forms or complex, time-consuming ordering processes. I designed a simple order page so clients can get back to shooting more film. I built the site on top of WordPress and Woocommerce, which makes managing orders easy for the State team and allows them to integrate the site into their workflow. See the site for yourself at

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Aaron created a clean and captivating website that exceeded our vision, improved our customer experience, and gave us room for scalability."

Billy Grubbs, Founder, State Film Lab

The new State website launched in March 2015 and they have seen growth ever since. Since March, the site has seen an 111% increase in page views and a 22% decrease in bounce rate compared to the same period in 2015.

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