Freedom to Shoot More Film

Billy Grubbs founded State Film Lab to help photographers rediscover film photography. When Billy and I started building the State brand, we wanted to evoke freedom and the hands-on nature of film. I found inspiration in the branding on old bourbon barrels from my native Kentucky. The wood-burned logos conveyed both a commitment to history and timeless craftsmanship. These are the same ideas behind State.

To create the handmade feel I wanted, I hand-printed the logo using a linocut technique. Each print contained unique imperfections. I composited the logos and did some digital clean-up to create the final logo.

Hand-printed logos

Composite animation

“As a small business diving into a niche market that is controlled by only a few notable competitors, we needed a brand that shows customers we can live up to our mission and really meet their expectations. Aaron created a brand that can carry us beyond that first impression and help us position ourselves as a trustworthy company.”

Billy Grubbs, Founder, State Film Lab

State Film Lab box