An Experimental Short Story Website

The Gargoyle is the merging of two paths. The first path was the short story itself. It’s a fictionalized account of a real incident involving a cursed gargoyle. Yeah, really.

The second path was a desire to create something in the spirit of the early internet. When I was a kid, the internet was full of quirky, creative websites. I miss the weird web of that era; I wanted to make something similar. So I decided to tell my story using a website.

Gargoyle Home

Gargoyle Story

The design itself is minimalistic; it’s there to support the story. The illustrations and animations I created push the narrative and reveal deeper layers.


I was responsible for every aspect: concept, story, design, animation, and web development. Using a website allowed me to add touches like glitches and dynamic footnotes. Responsiveness was key; every element of the experience needed to translate to mobile.

Responsive Menu

I’m very proud of this project. It inspired me to start writing again and to explore more ways to tell stories online. Read it yourself at

End of Act One