All of It Began When the Artifact Appeared.

36 Days of Type is an annual design challenge founded by two designers in Barcelona. Designers, illustrators, and animators take part from all over the world. The goal is to do the entire alphabet and the digits 0-9, one a day for 36 days. Having been a part of the 2016 edition, I was ready for 2017. That’s when I let my ambitions get the better of me.

Inspired by another 36 Days designer, I decided to tell a story through the project. I gave myself a few constraints:

  • A limited color palette

  • Each day’s text had to begin with the relevant letter or number

  • The design needed to be representative of that day’s story

And of course, the story had to be cohesive, with a clear beginning and end. It was a challenge, but I completed it within the constraints I set for myself. It was also a lot of fun. I might make things easier on myself next year. Maybe.

The letter B The letter F The letter R The number 3

You can read the story and judge the project for yourself on Instagram.