Aaron and his lovely wife Heather

Hi. I'm Aaron Kreigh Hooper.

I design and write things. I grew up in the great city of Louisville, KY, and now live in Southern California with my wife, Heather.

I've been in the design industry for over five years, and I've worked with venture capital firms, tech companies, churches, non-profits, and other creatives. My skills include logo design, branding, illustration, web design, front-end web development and motion design. I'd love to collaborate with you, and if you have an idea, chances are I can make it happen. You can see some of my work here or on Dribbble.

As for writing: I'm still figuring that part out. I've loved words and stories since I was little, and I'm trying to bring more of that into my work. You can follow my adventures here.

If you want to work together, or just say hi, you can email me or connect via Twitter, Instagram, or Dribbble.

This site is some combination of a blog, portfolio, journal, sketchpad, and commonplace book. A place where I can experiment, fail, and succeed in front of everybody.

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