My name is Aaron Kreigh Hooper. I write and design things. I grew up in Louisville, KY, but now live in Southern California with my wife Heather. I have a serious crush on her.

I’ve worked as a designer for the last five years. I’ve completed projects for venture capital firms, tech companies, churches, non-profits, and other creatives. I code and build websites too, and do some motion design. You can see some of my work on the Projects page.

As for writing: it’s a fearsome beast that has chased me since I was young. After I ran from it for years, it caught me in its sharp teeth and now it won’t let me go. I’m not sure where writing is going to take me, but I’m excited to find out.

You can email me, find me on Twitter/Instagram/Dribbble, or whisper my name into your next-door neighbor’s mailbox at midnight during a new moon. I can’t guarantee that last one will work.

This site is some combination of a blog, portfolio, journal, sketchpad, and commonplace book. A place where I can experiment, fail, and succeed in front of everybody.

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